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Dear Friend,

First and foremost, please be assured that whoever you are, you are welcomed.

We honor diversity and believe that all people are created with sacred worth.   


We understand that from time to time people feel the need to rediscover their spiritual nature and begin a search for the right community in which to continue their spiritual journey. We are pleased that you found us today. 

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Special Event Announcement

Exploring the Cosmic Feminine Principle Workshop
Facilitated by: Rev Rose Houston

A time of Joy and Renewal

The Divine Feminine Workshop is designed to bring an appreciation of the Divine Feminine in furthering the unity and balance of energies in our world today. During the workshop both men and women will experience many activities to enhance the reclaiming the importance of your role as a unique expression God. Experience the love flowing from the Fountain of Wisdom located at the heart center of the Divine Feminine. Be refreshed with the energies of this fount in your mind, body and spirit. Get ready for some Fun-ercise; meditation & visioning and drumming. It is a time of reverence, joy and fun.

Bring your drum, bells, rain sticks and your vibrant self.

Bring: You'll want to bring items to increase your comfort while in meditation. These might include a pillow, mat, blanket, crystals or anything that will enhance your experience.

Altar: You are invited to bring an item you hold sacred to place on the altar at the opening of the retreat to bless all who are present. These could be a rosary, crystals, bells and stones.

Incense will not be used due to those who are allergic.  Love offering basis. -- Please feel free to invite a friend.

When: Sunday, October 23, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM after Fellowship.
Location Unity Centre for Spiritual Living
1226 Naylor Lloyd Rd, Girard, OH

Please sign up for the Workshop!
A basic headcount is necessary to assure enough handouts.

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365 Days w/Charles Fillmore

I AM NOW in the presence of pure Being and immersed in the Holy Spirit of life, love, and wisdom. I acknowledge thy presence and power, O blessed Spirit. In Thy divine wisdom now erase my mortal limitations, and from Thy pure substance of love bring into manifestation my world, according to Thy perfect law.

~Charles Fillmore

From: Jesus Christ Heals

Submitted by Lynda C. Niles, OH


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