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It is with excitement and anticipation that I announce our guest speaker/singer and workshop leader for Sunday May 28, 2017, Joyce Rouse-aka “EARTH MAMA” whose vision and affirmation is “HEALING THE PLANET ONE SONG AT A TIME!”             

Psalm 98 tell us to “Make a JOYFUL  noise to the Lord”  and what better way to do it but through song.  The Sunday Service will include lessons that go with the songs from Joyce’s CD-LOVE LARGE!  Joyce will sing and draw the joy out of us as we listen to the Word of the Creator put to the  music that she has composed.  We will be singing some of her songs all month so that we can join in with her on that day.

The MUSIVERSITY (education through music) will start at 1:00 pm and be focused on our Planet.   The songs and activities will bring the everyday challenges facing our planet to our consciousness so that we too can be aware of all that is needed to help to heal our home for ourselves and future generations.  Her music is diverse and includes ballads, jazz, country, anthems and upbeat songs to clap and stomp along with, as well as inform and inspire us to be better stewards of our earth.

The music team is organizing food for lunch between service and the workshop and would appreciate any and all help you can give with nourishment to make this a pot luck to share with all.

It is Memorial Day weekend and what a better way to honor and remember our Mother Earth than through music, laughter and fun.  I hope you can join us along with your friends and family. 

If you would like a preview of what Joyce (Earth Mama) has to offer, please go to her site to preview what is coming our way….  www.earthmama.org    ~Cay




 Sunday Service: 11:00 AM







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