Unity Medicine Wheel

Discover the Medicine Within

Facilitated by Kimberly Ford
1st Sunday's Monthly after Service on our grounds

Ya-ta-hay! (all is good, greetings)
Unity Medicine Wheel is a monthly gathering of thoughtful people who come together and use a Sacred Circle to create, balance, and harmonize with nature, ourselves, and the world around us. Each ceremony includes cleansing through sage and or drumming, guided meditation, and a meditative walk with the stones of the wheel making connections to the spirits of life. (bring your offerings: birdseed, stones, tobacco, sage, etc) Guided by A Sun Bear Book, Dancing with the Wheel, we discover just how, "we are all related. " Weather permitting, we are outside with the large wheel.  Winter and rainy days we come inside and use our portable wheel and/or make crafts. 
mitakuye oyasin (a prayer for oneness and harmony with all, all my relations)