For Video Chat:

Use this link to download and install the software –  Follow the link that is appropriate for your device (windows, android and apple are all supported.)  You will need to use it on one of the below:

a laptop/desktop with a webcam
a smartphone with a camera
a tablet with a camera

Once a meeting is planned, at the appropriate time:
Open the app on your device (phone, tablet, laptop)
Click “Join a meeting” (once you join, phone and tablet apps will save the info for future meetings)
Enter this ID/Online ID: Info69845
To use your Camera click “Call in Using Wi-fi or Data”.

You will now be in the virtual meeting room.  Find the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a video camera and click on it to enable the video function.  There is also a mute button for you to use.

ANYONE in your group wishing to Participate must follow the steps above to join in the video line- so these are the links and instructions you can send out to participants in your group.

IF someone does not have access to a laptop/tablet/smartphone you can also still call in to the room using a standard telephone line:

Dial: 978-990-5000
Use Access Code: 245683#