A Search for God  
Thursday Morning's at 10:00 AM
Led by Jim Thornton & Rev. Rose Houston

The A Search for God Study Groups had their beginning in the early years of the Great Depression when a small group of people interested in Edgar Cayce's psychic gift asked for a psychic reading on how to bring light and truth into those depressing times.  So began a series of readings on spiritual laws and their application for individual soul growth and development - twelve simple, yet challenging steps to spiritual advancement - now studied by tens of thousands of people all over the world.  We follow the standard format for the Cayce groups: 

We try to start promptly at 10:00 AM ET 

We open with a moment of silence and a short prayer.

A time for sharing and new business, or activities/events relating to Unity Centre to share.

Discipline sharing:  We individually choose to work on a discipline through the week, for example: meditating, patience, healthy diet, acts of service, or whatever you're spiritually moved to do.

A short Bible reading and discussion.

We open up for anyone who has a dream experience to share or are asking for some insight on a dream.

Book reading and  discussion - We have various books we read and discuss - see Rev. Rose or myself for more information.

We end the meeting with about 15 minutes of silent meditation, an opportunity for individuals to offer up prayers, and then closing with the 23rd psalm.

We have a 10 minute break about 11:00 AM and end about noon.

We take turns leading the meeting (for those who feel comfortable to lead) and the leader's job is mostly keeping the group from going too far astray.   We take turns reading out loud (no pressure, and you can just 'pass').   

We are a pretty laid back group and you're welcome to just drop-in and check us out!