Chair Yoga

With Kimberly Ford
Wednesday's at 4:00 pm
Suggested Love Offering $10

Chair yoga first and foremost is for EVERY BODY. All bodies benefit from chair yoga! 
Some of the many benefits of Chair yoga: helps to improve movement, fluidity, increase a flow of energy, and remove or un-block states of dysfunction and disease  and restore to functional and at ease. Chair yoga helps your "bounce back" and your "neuroplasticity" (brain connections).
In a comfortable environment you will be guided through breathing and meditation along with gentle postures  that flow together to create connection between the mind, body, and spirit. 
Necessary modifications will always be offered,  and each individual works to improve their own qualities. Other benefits typical-include,  rested and revitalized mind and better sleep at night. Chair yoga is also a wonderful place for good vibes and a sense of community. See you soon. in the chair!
Namaste! Kimberly