"Dreams are todays answers to tomorrow's questions"


Schedule of Events/Calendar

Dream Group

Unity Spiritual Centre is now hosting a dream self-study group meeting every other Friday morning at 11:00 AM.  Meetings typically lass 2 to 3 hours. (see the schedule above)

It’s an open group but we typically follow the Edgar Cayce approach to dreams and dreaming. 

Per Cayce, nothing of any consequence ever happens to an individual wherein it is not first previewed in a dream.  In addition to precognitive dreams, they serve as a sort of ‘feed-back loop’ giving insight as to what’s happening within our inner selves and outer environment and relationships. Everyone dreams, but remembering  usually requires the desire and discipline to remember, record and work to understand the symbolic language coming out of our subconscious mind. Fortunately, group involvement can go a long way to giving an individual the resources and insight to profit from these inner messages that we may be missing out on.